About OMEGA Care Planning Council

The OMEGA Care Planning Council is a single source of care providers and advisers who help people with Long Term Care needs.


Our Mission... With 100% Certainty...

  • Educate our clients on how to plan for long term care, and how to successfully execute that plan;
  • Provide 18 to 20 different long term care services to obtain optimal planning results;
  • Obtain the benefits desired (Medicaid, Veteran, many others...);
  • Achieve Mental Health Wellness thru-out all transitions of life for our clients.

Collectively, the OMEGA Team provides a spectrum of long term care advisors and providers who are experts in their particular area of service. The OMEGA Team is composed of companies or individuals representing anywhere from 18 to 20 specific areas of long term care services.


In January 2016, Omega proudly added a new division called AlphaMind Brain Centers. AlphaMind is the "hands-on care" side of Omega with a focus on Prevention and Wellness. AlphaMind seeks to guide clients towards a holistic approach to living Life Well...   Alpha provides Professional Counseling and Coaching to assist with all transitions in life with expertise in supporting Military and Veteran families. For Veteran's this new division allows us to seek maximum benefits for those seeking compensation for PTSD issues. 

Some of the services that AlphaMind provides include the following but for details go to www.AlphaMindBrainCenters.com



EMDR Therapy

QEEG Brain Scan



ALPHA-Stim Treatment - "Alpha-Life Experience"

Life Coaching: to include Career, Business, Financial & Wellness

Mental Health Counseling

Spiritual Care

Case Management

Assistance with PTSD Ratings and Treatment

Crisis Interventions/Family Conflict Resolution

Mindfulness/Stress Reduction

Group Art and Music Therapy

Senior Community Placement/Home Health Referrals

Specialized Support Groups: Care Givers, Military, Loss/Grief, Divorce Care


Check out AlphaMindBrainCenters.com to learn more.




Omega’s  Non-Discrimination Policy:


 Recognizing that prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping are prevalent through society, and dedicated to the creation of a safe, secure space for those seeking services or employment with us, it shall be the policy of Omega Care Planning Council to maintain and promote an office environment that provides the highest quality of services to our clients, our employees, and each other.


Omega will take all reasonable steps within its control to meet the diverse needs of all clients and employees and provide an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. This includes no discrimination towards one's race, ethnicity, religious preference, differing abilities, socioeconomic status, political affiliations, sexual orientation (actual or perceived), gender identity, age, etc.


LGBTQ clients receiving services at Omega Care Planning shall receive fair and equal treatment, without bias, and shall be treated in a professional manner.

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