Jerome Sebesta: CEO of OMEGA Care Planning Council


Jerome founded OMEGA Care Planning Council many years ago with the passion to assist all seniors in navigating the very complex long term care problems. Today, Jerome is CEO of the OMEGA organization and holds many other credentials. He is one of only 16 Nationally Accredited Claims Agents and is a Medicaid Professional. Jerome provides free seminars throughout the states and is in high demand for his ability to assist seniors with finding all the resources they are entitled to. Jerome is a resident of Holly Springs, NC; however, the market and its customer base extends throughout the USA.


He can be reached at 919 -552-3111 ext. 109 or


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Kimberly D'Amico, M 'Ed, SVP Operations, OMEGA Care Planning Council and President of AlphaLife Care Services.


Kimberly is co-founder of Omega, and brings many years of experience in working with the Aging population in a variety of settings. Kimberly is the President of AlphaLife Care Services, a new division under Omega that offers Counseling, Spiritual Care, Coaching, Music Therapy, PTSD treatment and assessment, etc. Kimberly has a passion for working with our Veterans and Caregivers and helping them coordinate care through the maze of benefits and options that are currently available in our community and local VA centers.


She can be reached at 919-552-3111 ext. 110 or


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Demetrius DAmico - President Veteran Benefits and Services Division


Demetrius DAmico is the President of the Veteran Benefits and Services Division of Omega Care Planning Council. He manages the processing of all veteran claims including Pension and Disability Compensation.  He also consults with all Omega Clients regarding the Medicaid Planning Requirements and Long Term Care Strategies.


He can be reached at 919-552-3111 ext. 114 or


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David Stokes- Financial Planner/Reverse Mortgage


David is the founder of Retirement Income and Legacy Planning, which is an independent firm specializing in Retirement Income planning, Wealth Preservation and Estate planning. With over 25 years’ experience, he is well qualified to help individuals evaluate their opportunities to maximize their lifetime retirement income, reduce tax, and protect their assets.  

David strongly believes that money, which grows consistently and without risk, is the safest investment for his clients’ retirement income. “Playing the ‘Wall Street Game’ with your sacred money is a sure way to run out of money when you need it the most,” warns Dave.  He further states, “If you want to play the stock market game with 30-40% of your wealth, that’s fine, as long as you have enough money in safe, guaranteed investments to meet your retirement goals.”


David now coaches individuals on how to keep their nest egg safe for retirement. Perhaps one of the most important points he makes during coaching sessions is that if a person has to pull money out of their account for any reason during difficult times, it can have a devastating effect on their nest egg. He believes this is one of the many reasons it is of extreme importance that investors seek the assistance of professionals who fully understand all of the nuances of retirement investments. If you have any retirement planning questions, feel free to call David at 919-696-1825 or 252-349-0404. For consultation and scheduling, please call Omega at 919-552-3111.

Akilah Waldrond - Certified Public Accountant


Akilah handles all the financial and tax affairs for many of the Omega Clients having trust accounts or even personal tax preparation. She is the owner of her own firm located locally.  Tax issues regarding benefits, care accounts for medicaid purposes, fiduciary requirements and other issues are well known to Akilah and she provides the correct advice to difficult estate plans.


Akilah can be reached directly at 919-665-5305

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