Testimonials - What our Customer and In-Network Partners Say About Us

Patsy Fletcher  (client)
Patsy hired us as a Service Provider in 2011                                

Top qualities: Great Results,  On Time,  High Integrity   


“Jerome was very helpful to me with all the paperwork involved in the process. Very personable, caring, and understanding to my needs. He explained very thoroughly what I needed to do to get the paperwork started and completed.” November 10, 2012



Phillip Cooley

President, Homewatch CareGivers (business partner)

“It has been my pleasure to work with Jerome in finding benefits for our clients who have served as veterans.  For years, we wanted to do something special for our veterans.  Jerome and his service has given us that opportunity.  He has worked very respectfully and professionally helping our veterans understand their options and finding benefits that they were entitled to receive.” November 16, 2012


"Just a note to say thank-you for all your help and everything you've done for us to make this happen. With all our thanks" - The Sadlers (2015)


"It is a blessing knowing people like you are out there to keep fighting for our Vets and their spouses". - Lisa (Client 2015)


"Telling everyone NOT to USE anyone else. Was denied three times using VSO then came to Omega and got the full benefit.  Want others to know that you are there and really deliver what you say" - Welton (Client 2014)


"There are no words that can express my gratitude. The VA for my aunt was all approved!!  I will continue to pray for your good work. I'm sure it will mean alot to many others" - Lisa (Client 2014)


"Thank You all at Omega for the care and planning and getting my mom the VA Survivor Benefit in just 2 months.  Without your help, she would not been able to stay at home.  The Omega Team is very special to all of us" - Mary and RIch (Client 2013)

"Omega was able to do something that every VSO told me could not happen. My wife who has COPD needed care. I the Vet was fine. Everyone told me that there was no benefit for a spouse when the Vet was fine.  Omega knows their stuff and are extremely professional in getting what I was told not possible. Got it and now I can afford the care for my wife" - Clive Batement (Client 2013).
"Dad was a POW but never filed a claim and passed. We were going for Aid and Attendance but Omega went to work and filed for DIC for Mom and we got more than expected in just 2 months. How about 20 times more..allowing my mom to be in the best care.  Wonderful Job Omega!!  - Jacob, Client 2015
"Omega's legal team did my parents wills, POAs, Estate Plans including a Irrevocable Trust and made it possible for them to get VA Benefits.  Without their help, that would not have been possible.  Thanks OMEGA!! - Youngs, Client 2015
"Medicaid Planning, Facilty Placement, and VA Benefits under one roof. What a wonderful service you all provide. We were in crisis and such a professional team of experts resolved their issues, Very True so don't use any one else is my advice in this testimonial. - Marie and Frank - 2014 and 2015 client.
​"Just got the award for my mom, any time you want me to even speak directly to a potential client, just give me their name and I will call them to talk about your services, extremely professional and you all know what you are doing as the VA gave us a hard time.  you all just smoothed it all out and within one month, got it resolved with them" - Mr.Young for Ida Young July 2016
"Just got my award for over 3200 dollars per month. PTSD and Heart Condition.  This was denied 3 times by the VA as I used a VSO who said I will never get it as it was not service connected. Hell, I was in Nam and was heavy combat.  I failed the C&P on the second time and was again denied.  I then found OMEGAG  WOW. OMEGA got the award!!!   They have an unbelievable system in place. Did a Brain Scan, worked with a clinician there to work out the lay statements, coached me every step of the way and even called the doctor to explain why my heart condition was Ischemic.  This is an unbelievable team of experts.  YOU GOT MY LIFE BACK OMEGA!! THANK YOU" -  Carter 2018
"I have had PTSD ever since Gult War but the VA denied me.  Went to Omega and got it within 3 months.  Enough said. why would anyone not use this company" - Stevenson 2018
"Vietnam veteran and VA said my PTSD was not service related as I was never in combat.  Omega looks at the DD-214 and said no way.  All my metals pointed to combat and would have never been issued otherwise. There AlphaMind Team handled the diagnosis, lay statements, got me thru the phychitist meeting with coaching, even brain scan.  I am now a client getting my brain back using neurofeedback with AlphaMind.  Omega team is just fantastic.  Use them is all I can say especially if you are at a dead end as most of us are"  Eadie 2018




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