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Quite often our Veterans, Seniors and families need extra care ...

Omega provides confidential referrals to Licensed Counselors and Licensed Social Workers to meet the needs our clients, whether they are Seniors, Caregivers, or children and family members.


We also understand the challenges that older adults often face such anxiety and depression due to loneliness, loss & grief, fear of the unknown…  Maybe they were told in Rehab that they cannot return back home, but must live in a supervised arrangement. Giving up one’s independence is a challenge in itself!  AlphaMind provides EMDR Therapy which is a great program for our veterans suffering from PTSD.  Check out EMDR Therapy (click on this link for more information) and our newest addition called the Alpha-Live Experience using one of our Alpha-Stim devices and specially designed relaxation rooms. 

We understand the challenges that the caregivers and/or the children face when they are called upon to become full-time caregivers, or have to make major medical decisions on behalf of their parents.  Perhpas even watch as their parents health slowly fades..  In addition, they may be caregivers to their own younger children or grandchildren, and need assistance in coping, or parenting.

What ever the case, give us a call, and let us see if we can help:

Family Conflict Resolution

Life transition coaching

Spiritual Care

Loss/ Grief



Stress Reduction             

Anger/Behavioral Management


If you are unsure about your need for services consider the following questions:

  • Do you feel stressed, anxious or depressed on a regular basis, or just generally dissatisfied with your life?
  • Are you weighed down by excessive worry, irritability, guilt, or feelings of worthlessness?

  • Have you been diagnosed with a chronic illness?

  • Are you having trouble making needed lifestyle, career, or relationship changes?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions...

...Then our services are for you...



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